The Commonwealth Practice LLC.

The Commonwealth Practice LLC (TCWP) is the successor to The Commonwealth Practice LTD. The name changed with the retirement and re-location to Florida of one of the founders, Mike Marois. Michael Ayers continues the tradition of high-quality service.

Since its inception in 2002, TCWP has worked with a variety of schools and school districts. We have also worked with non-profit and for-profit organizations.

It's a small consulting company with a simple goal:

Organizations who achieve their goals for the common good
through superior leadership.

The Leadership Model above graphically portrays our understanding of Leadership. We start at the bottom, building the more fundamental competencies first. We believe this is necessary to enable Systems Thinking and Scenario Planning, the topmost competencies.

We believe that everything about an organization forms an integrated system. To change what that system produces, we need first to understand fully why it produces what it produces now. We focus on Systems Thinking to enable Scenario Planning.

To achieve this purpose, we operate by specific principles, employ an overall strategy, and provide an integrated family of services. 


We operate according to four fundamental principles:  we must attend to the head and the heart; we want systemic efforts;  we prefer a true partnership;  we share the risk.


We believe that our ability to deliver genuine value to an organization depends on the relationship we establish at the outset. 


We provide a range of development services which we broadly frame as oriented toward the individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

About our name:  we chose our name in order to highlight our overall intention to share the common wealth of our accumulated experience to create sustainable organizations.    That is, as we continue to practice we want to enable our partners to move in the direction of continuous learning and the enhancement of their adaptive capacity.

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This logo presents the TCWP leadership model. For a full explanation, click here.

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